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Our profile

We are a global automotive supplier with over 3,300 employees worldwide and close to 100 years of tradition and success. Our high-tech metal parts and lightweight components ensure superior comfort and safety in the automobile. We are proud of our expertise in metal forming, our precision in toolmaking and our corporate culture, which is defined by respect, performance and sustainability. Our customers value our comprehensive technological know-how in forming and joining metal materials, which includes our expertise in welding processes and structural bonding, as well as our unmatched precision in tooling. At PWO, we cover the entire value chain all the way to series production. We develop products and processes simultaneously and make sure we are always thinking one step ahead to understand today what our customers will need tomorrow. Together we work with our customers to achieve our most important goal: sustainably satisfied customers.

Planning your future - with PWO

Looking for a new challenge? Finished your education and planning to start a career? Looking for an interesting training opportunity, a work placement or an idea for your bachelor thesis? Whatever the case, why not take a look at what PWO has to offer?

We regard well-trained and motivated staff as fundamental to our success. That is why we place so much emphasis on supporting our employees. By providing thorough training and extensive opportunities for professional development, together with the latest working practices and production techniques, we believe we are putting ourselves in the strongest possible position for the future.

Our website tells you a lot about us: who we are, what we do and what is important to us. If you would like to join us, then we would naturally like to know more about you - your education, skills, knowledge and expectations.

PWO Canada Inc.
Human Resources
255 McBrine Drive
Kitchener, Ontario N2R 1G7, Canada

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