Product and Process Innovation

Product and Process Innovation

When it comes to economically producing the highest quality with as little resources as possible, the innovative power of PWO comes into play. Superior product design and continuous optimization along the entire process chain accelerate production and reduce costs. This also gives us added flexibility, even when there are short-term changes in customer demand. Keyword: reliability.

Our innovative process flow allows for the seamless integration of downstream processes, such as cutting threads, gluing magnets, the meticulous cleaning of components and their comprehensive quality inspection. It also includes integrating additional functions into a component or module. Parts that were previously necessary are thereby eliminated and additional handling steps become superfluous. This, in turn, shortens the process chain – not just for us but also for our customers. And it does so worldwide. Our innovative power in production can also bring about substantial improvements in the product’s characteristics. One example is the replacement of the heavy castings used until now with deep-drawn solutions made of steel sheet.

With our innovative power in product and process design, we make a significant contribution to a vehicle's reduced use of resources, higher functionality and, last but not least, lower weight – regardless of the drive technology.

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