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Ulrich Klose, Group HR Director
Our Philosophy

OUR core values

We are living in fast-changing times.
As a result, social and corporate values are constantly evolving, too.

Our corporate culture is reflected in the values that we aim to live out together.

Consequently, we have defined 5 core values that constitute the shared basis of our collaboration worldwide.
Our core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Team spirit
  • Progress
  • Customer focus

Here you can find more information about our core values.

Our Leadership Culture

Our Leadership Culture

A values-based leadership system is a crucial factor in enabling us to give employees security, guidance, and a firm foundation for meaningful collaboration in a time of rapid change.
With a management culture steeped in respect, we are creating an environment in which our employees feel comfortable.

PWO promotes diversity and integration in all divisions.

We have a culture defined by openness and team spirit. Our corporate culture is reflected in our core values. 

These values are embodied by our managers and are therefore tangible to everyone in all departments. 

Our 8 leadership principles, which we developed as a guide for our managers, are derived from our core values.

Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

We all know that respect for human rights is a fundamental component of responsible corporate governance. Here at PWO, we are convinced that we can only be successful in the long term if we live up to this responsibility, both locally and globally. 

Our aim is to ensure that human rights are observed in all of our Group companies and also respected by our business partners.

Our goal is clear: We want to manufacture products without any human rights violations and under good working conditions. 

This is about implementation because words without deeds don't help. The entire global business community must be actively committed to respecting human rights.

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What makes us special

Attraktive Konditionen

Attractive Benefits

Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement

Life Balance

Moderne Arbeitsplätze

Modern Work Spaces

Global Player

Global Player



Pwo AG in Oberkirch: Our Headquarters

Work where others go on holiday: Our corporate Headquarters and our only German location is in Oberkirch in the Ortenau region. This region stands for progress and technology, full employment and quality of life. A full 1,700 hours of sunshine per year, along with mountains in the Black Forest up to 1,163 meters high, offer plenty of recreation and leisure opportunities. We don´t have to worry about traffic jams, poor air quality or excessive rents; but instead enjoy spacious company premises with ergonomic Workstations and a "process house" in the center that unites the latest architecture with a multifunctional open-space concept.

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