Privacy policy

1) Introduction and general information

Thank you for your interest in our website. The protection of your personal data is very important to us. In the following, you will find information on the handling of your data, which is collected through your use of our website. Your data will be processed in accordance with the legal regulations on data protection.

2) Responsible body in the sense of data protection law

PWO AG ("PWO", "we", "us")
Industriestrasse 8, 77704 Oberkirch, Germany

Phone: +49 7802 84-0
E-Mail: nfdpw-grpcm

3) Contact details of the data protection officer

- Group Privacy Officer -
Industriestrasse 8, 77704 Oberkirch, Germany

Phone: +49 7802 84-0
E-Mail: dtnschtzpw-grpcm

4) Definitions

Our privacy policy is intended to be simple and understandable for everyone. In this privacy policy, the official terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are generally used. The official definitions are explained in Art. 4 GDPR.

5) Disclosure of personal data to third parties

5.1 Data transfer and recipients

A transmission of your personal data to third parties does not take place, unless

  • if we have explicitly referred to this in the description of the respective data processing.
  • if you have given your express consent to this in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR,
  • the disclosure is necessary for the assertion, exercise or defence of legal claims pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR and there is no reason to assume that you have an overriding interest worthy of protection in the non-disclosure of your data,
  • in the event that a legal obligation exists for the disclosure pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (c) GDPR a legal obligation exists and
  • as far as this is necessary for the handling of contractual relations with you according to Art. 6 (1) (b) GDPR.

We also use external service providers for the processing of our services, which we have carefully selected and commissioned in writing. They are bound by our instructions and are regularly monitored by us. If necessary, we have concluded order processing contracts with them in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR. These are service providers in particular for web hosting as well as maintenance and care of our IT systems.

5.2 Third country transmission

A transfer of personal data to a third country or an international organization only takes place if we inform you about it and the prerequisite of Artt. 44 ff. GDPR are given.

A third country is a country outside the EEA in which the GDPR is not directly applicable. A third country is deemed to be insecure if the EU Commission has not issued an adequacy decision for that country pursuant to Art. 45 (1) GDPR confirming that adequate protection for personal data exists in the country.

We inform you when and how we transfer personal data to such a unsecure third country. We only transfer your personal data when

  • sufficient guarantees are provided by the recipient in accordance with Art. 46 GDPR for the protection of the personal data,
  • you have expressly consented to the transfer, after we have informed you of the risks, in accordance with Article 49 (1) (a) GDPR,
  • the transfer is necessary for the performance of contractual obligations between you and us [Art. 49 (1) (b) GDPR]
  • or another exception from Art. 49 GDPR applies.

Guarantees according to Art. 46 GDPR can be, for example, the standard data protection clauses of the EU Commission or a supervisory authority ("SCC"). In these SCC, the recipient assures to sufficiently protect the data and thus to ensure a level of protection comparable to the GDPR.

6) Data processing by visiting our website

When you call up our website, it is technically necessary for data to be transmitted to our web server via your internet browser. The following data is recorded during an ongoing connection for communication between your internet browser and our web server:

  • Date and time of the request
  • Name of the requested file
  • Page from which the file was requested
  • Access status
  • Web browser and operating system used
  • (Complete) IP address of the requesting computer
  • Amount of data transferred

The legal basis for the temporary storage of the data or the log files is Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR.

We collect the listed data to ensure a smooth connection setup of the website and to enable a comfortable use of our website by the users. In addition, the log file serves the evaluation of system security and stability as well as administrative purposes.

7) Contact form and contact by e-mail

If you send us enquiries via the contact form or e-mail, the information you provide voluntarily in the enquiry form or e-mail will be stored by us for the purpose of processing the enquiry and in the event of follow-up questions. In the case of enquiries via the contact form, in addition to the data you have provided voluntarily, we also store the following mandatory data: Salutation, first and last name, address (street, city, country), e-mail address, subject and message. Under no circumstances will we pass on this data without your consent.

The legal basis for the processing of the data is your consent pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR, our legitimate interest in responding to your request pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR and, where applicable, Art. 6 (1) (b) GDPR if your request is aimed at concluding a contract.

8) Subscription to our information service ("Newsletter")

On our website, users are given the opportunity to subscribe to our company's information service. Which personal data are transmitted to us when ordering the information service, results from the input mask used for this purpose.

We provide interested parties with shareholder information at regular intervals by way of an information service. Our information service can only be received by the data subject if (1) the data subject has a valid e-mail address and (2) the data subject registers for the information service. For legal reasons, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address registered for the first time by a data subject for the information service using the so-called "double opt-in" procedure. This confirmation e-mail serves to verify whether the owner of the e-mail address as the data subject has authorized the receipt of the information service.

When registering for the information service, we also store the IP address of the computer system used by the data subject at the time of registration as well as the date and time of registration, which is assigned by the Internet service provider (ISP). The collection of this data is necessary in order to be able to trace the (possible) misuse of the e-mail address of a data subject at a later date and therefore serves our legal protection.

The personal data collected in the context of a registration to the information service are used exclusively for the dispatch of our information service. Furthermore, subscribers to the information service may be informed by e-mail if this is necessary for the operation of the service or a related registration, as could be the case in the event of changes to the offer or changes in the technical circumstances. No personal data collected as part of the information service will be passed on to third parties. The subscription to our information service can be cancelled by the person concerned at any time. The consent to the storage of personal data, which the data subject has given us for the mailing, can be revoked at any time. For the purpose of revoking consent, a corresponding link can be found in each information letter. Furthermore, it is also possible to unsubscribe from the information service directly on our website at any time or to inform us of this in another way.

The legal basis of the processing is your consent pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR.

9) Data protection in applications and in the application procedure

Your personal data is processed for the purpose of establishing an employment relationship with us (e.g., as part of the application process).

The processing is carried out exclusively by electronic means (see link to our application portal below under Section 14).

For further details, please refer to the information obligations within the meaning of Artt. 13, 14 GDPR that we have stored in our application portal.

The legal basis for the processing are Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR in conjunction with § 26 (2) BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act), Art. 6 (1) (b) GDPR in conjunction with § 26 (1) BDSG, Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR in conjunction with § 26 (1) 2 BDSG, Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR in conjunction with Recital 18 sentence 1 GDPR, Art. 9 (2) (a) GDPR in conjunction with § 26 (3) 2 BDSG and Art. 9 (2) (b) GDPR in conjunction with § 26 (3) BDSG).

10) Use of Matomo

On this website, data is automatically collected using the web analysis service software "Matomo" ( for the purpose of website analysis. The statistics obtained allow us to improve our offer and make it more interesting for you as a user.

Matomo is an open source project. Contact details for the third party provider: InnoCraft Ltd, 150 Willis St, 6011 Wellington, New Zealand. For more information about the third-party provider's privacy policy, please see the Matomo web pages below:

Matomo is only used if you expressly consent to its use. The legal basis for the use of Matomo is Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR in conjunction with Section 25 TDDDG.

Cookies are stored on your computer for this evaluation. The information collected in this way is stored by the responsible party exclusively on a server in Germany.

In its adequacy decision of 19 December 2012, C (201) 9557, the EU Commission determined an adequate level of data protection in New Zealand.

This website uses Matomo with the extension "AnonymizeIP". This means that IP addresses are processed in abbreviated form, thus excluding the possibility of a direct link to a person. The IP address transmitted by your browser via Matomo is not merged with other data collected by us. It is not possible for us to draw conclusions about your person.

The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required to achieve the purpose for which they were collected.

The data shall be deleted no later than six months after it has been collected.

Revocation of the use of Matomo:

We only use Matomo if you have consented to the use of performance cookies. You can use the "Revoke consent" button to revoke your previously given consent.

11) Cookies

Our website uses cookies, which are stored by the browser on your device and which contain certain settings for the use of the website (e.g., for the current session). For details, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

12) Data processing via social media

We are represented on several social media platforms with a company page. Through this, we would like to offer further opportunities for information about our company and for exchange. We have company pages on the following social media platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Kununu

When you visit or interact with a profile on a social media platform, personal data about you may be processed. Information associated with a social media profile used also regularly constitutes personal data. This also covers messages and statements made while using the profile. In addition, during your visit to a social media profile, certain information is often automatically collected about it, which may also constitute personal data.

12.1 Visiting a social media site

12.1.1 General

  • Types of data processed: inventory data (e.g., names, addresses), contact data (e.g., e-mail, telephone numbers), content data (e.g., entries in online forms), usage data (e.g., websites visited, interest in content, access times), meta/communication data (e.g., device information, IP addresses)
  • Data subjects: Users (e.g., website visitors, users of online services).
  • Purposes of processing: contact requests and communication, tracking (e.g., interest/behavioural profiling, use of cookies), remarketing, coverage measurement (e.g., access statistics, recognition of returning visitors).
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest [Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR]
  • Legitimate interests: Interest in efficient, economical and recipient-friendly services as well as optimal marketing of our Internet service.
  • Data subject rights: In the case of the assertion of data subject rights, we point out that these can be asserted most effectively with the providers. Only the providers have access to the users' data and can take appropriate measures and provide information directly. If you still need help, you can contact us.

12.1.2 Services used and service providers:

a) LinkedIn:

b) Kununu:

12.2. Processing of data you provide to us via our social media pages

We also process information that you have provided to us via our company page on the respective social media platform. Such information may be the username used, contact details or a message to us. We regularly process this personal data only if we have previously expressly requested you to provide us with this data. These processing operations are carried out by us as the sole data controller. We process this data on the basis of our legitimate interest in contacting inquiring persons. The legal basis for the data processing is Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR.

In addition, we may process such data for evaluation and marketing purposes. This processing is carried out on the legal basis of Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR and serves our interest to further develop our offer and to inform you specifically about offers of the data protection law firm.

Further data processing may take place if you have given your consent [Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR] or if this serves the fulfilment of a legal obligation [Art. 6 (1) (c) GDPR].

13) Plugins and embedded functions and content

We integrate functional and content elements into our online offer that are obtained from the servers of their respective providers ("third-party providers"). These can be, for example, graphics, videos or social media buttons and posts ("content").

The integration always requires that the third-party providers of this content process the IP address of the user, as without the IP address they could not send the content to their browser. The IP address is thus required for the display of this content or function. We endeavour to use only such content whose respective providers only use the IP address to deliver the content. Third-party providers may also use so-called pixel tags (invisible graphics, also known as "web beacons") for statistical or marketing purposes. The "pixel tags" can be used to evaluate information such as visitor traffic on the pages of this website. The pseudonymous information may also be stored in cookies on the user's device and may contain, among other things, technical information about the browser and operating system, referring websites, time of visit and other information about the use of our online offer as well as be linked to such information from other sources.

13.1 Generelles

  • Types of data processed: Usage data (e.g., websites visited, interest in content, access times), meta/communication data (e.g., device information, IP addresses), location data (information on the geographical position of a device or a person), contact data (e.g., e-mail, telephone numbers), content data (e.g., entries in online forms), inventory data (e.g., names, addresses).
  • Data subjects: Users (e.g., website visitors, users of online services), communication partners.
  • Purposes of processing: Provision of our online offer and user-friendliness, provision of contractual services and customer service, contact requests and communication, direct marketing (e.g., by e-mail or post), tracking (e.g., interest/behaviour-based profiling, use of cookies), interest-based and behaviour-based marketing, profiling (creation of user profiles), feedback (e.g., collection of feedback via online form), security measures, administration and response to enquiries.
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest [Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR], consent [Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR], contract performance and pre-contractual requests [Art. 6 (1) (b) GDPR]
  • Legitimate interests: Interest in efficient, economical and recipient-friendly services as well as optimal marketing of our Internet service.

13.2 Services used and service providers

a) YouTube videos

b) OpenstreetMap plugins and buttons

14) External links

In addition to the social media platforms listed in section 12, the following other services are also integrated via a link on our website:

After clicking on the embedded text/image link, you will be redirected to the page of the respective provider. User information will only be transferred to the respective provider after the forwarding. For information on the handling of your personal data when using these websites, please refer to the respective data protection provisions of the respective provider as well as our information obligations provided within the scope of the respective service within the meaning of Artt. 13, 14 GDPR.

15) Data security

We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of protection appropriate to the risk in accordance with Art. 32 GDPR, taking into account the state of the art, the costs of implementation and the nature, scope, circumstances and purposes of the processing, as well as the varying likelihood and severity of the risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons. This website uses SSL encryption for security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential content.

16) Duration of the storage of personal data

The data processed by us will be deleted in accordance with the legal requirements as soon as their consents permitted for processing are revoked or other permissions cease to apply (e.g., if the purpose of processing this data has ceased to apply or it is not required for the purpose).

If the data are not deleted because they are required for other and legally permissible purposes, their processing is limited to these purposes. This means that the data is blocked and not processed for other purposes. This applies, for example, to data that must be retained for reasons of commercial or tax law or whose storage is necessary for the assertion, exercise or defence of legal claims or for the protection of the rights of another natural or legal person.

Further information on the deletion of personal data can also be found in the individual data protection notices of this data protection declaration.

17) Your rights

In the following, you will find information on which data subject rights the applicable data protection law grants you vis-à-vis us with regard to the processing of your personal data:

  • the right to request information about your personal data processed by us in accordance with Art. 15 GDPR. In particular, you can request information about the processing purposes, the category of personal data, the categories of recipients to whom your data has been or will be disclosed, the planned storage period, the existence of a right to rectification, erasure, restriction of processing or objection, the existence of a right of complaint, the origin of your data if it was not collected by us, as well as the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling, and, if applicable, meaningful information about its details.
  • the right to request the correction of incorrect or incomplete personal data stored by us without delay in accordance with Art. 16 GDPR.
  • the right to request the erasure of your personal data stored by us in accordance with Art. 17 GDPR, unless the processing is necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom of expression and information, for compliance with a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
  • the right to request the restriction of the processing of your personal data in accordance with Art. 18 GDPR, insofar as the accuracy of the data is disputed by you, the processing is unlawful, but you object to its erasure and we no longer require the data, but you need it to assert, exercise or defend legal claims or you have objected to the processing in accordance with Art. 21 GDPR.
  • The right to receive, in accordance with Art. 20 GDPR, your personal data that you have provided to us in a structured, common and machine-readable format or to request that it be transferred to another controller.
  • the right to complain to a supervisory authority in accordance with Art. 77 GDPR. As a rule, you can contact the supervisory authority of the federal state of our registered office stated above or, if applicable, that of your usual place of residence or workplace.
  • the right to revoke consent given in accordance with Art. 7 (3) GDPR: You have the right to revoke consent to the processing of data once given at any time with effect for the future. In the event of revocation, we will delete the data concerned without delay, unless further processing can be based on a legal basis for processing without consent. The revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent until the revocation.

18) Right of objection

Insofar as your personal data is processed by us on the basis of legitimate interests pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data pursuant to Art. 21 GDPR, insofar as this is done on grounds arising from your particular situation. Insofar as the objection is directed against the processing of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, you have a general right of objection without the requirement to specify a particular situation. If you wish to exercise your right of revocation or objection, simply send an e-mail to dtnschtzpw-grpcm.

19) Obligation to provide

We would like to inform you that the provision of personal data is partly required by law (e.g., AO [German Tax Code] or HGB [German Commercial Code]) or may also result from contractual regulations (e.g., information on the contractual partner). Sometimes, in order to conclude a contract, it may be necessary for a data subject to provide us with personal data that must subsequently be processed by us. For example, the data subject is obliged to provide us with personal data if our company concludes a contract with him or her. Failure to provide the personal data would mean that the contract with the data subject could not be concluded. Before providing personal data by the data subject, the data subject may contact our data protection officer. Our data protection officer will inform the data subject on a case-by-case basis whether the provision of the personal data is required by law or contract or is necessary for the conclusion of the contract, whether there is an obligation to provide the personal data and what the consequences of not providing the personal data would be.

20) Existence of automated decision making and/or profiling

As a responsible company, we do not use automatic decision-making or profiling.

21) Status and amendment of this privacy policy

This data protection declaration has the status: 31.08.2023.

We reserve the right to adapt or update this data protection declaration if necessary in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations due to further technical development and/or changed legal and/or official requirements. The most current version applies to your visit.

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