The PWO Group’s employees are the driving force behind our innovative strength and our commitment to a sustainable future. They are the core of our Group. With their ideas and motivation, they work hard on PWO's vision. They develop and produce sophisticated metal components and complex subsystems at the frontiers of what is technologically possible, and enable PWO to combine sustainability with economic efficiency.

That is why we see ourselves as a values-based company that continuously reflects on itself and its own culture for the people who work for us and the customers for whom we work. The close international exchange and fruitful collaboration between our employees worldwide enable us to adopt different perspectives and constantly realign our business.

Outstanding training and promotion opportunities give employees the chance to make their own mark. Here at PWO, we regard employees as individuals, pay attention to their skills, and take their potential seriously.

Lana Takarenka, CFO, PWO Canada

Measures we are currently pursuing:

We are enhancing our corporate culture together

The employees at all PWO locations are working hard to structure the industries in which we work in an environmentally-friendly way. They contribute ideas and work on our Group’s vision with motivation and dedication. Our General Management Meeting, which brings together managers from the various locations, serves as an important platform for the exchange of ideas and transfer of knowledge within the PWO Group. Here, central future topics of the company are discussed, major strategic lines are developed, and the thoughts, assignments, and impulses of the employees are reflected upon. Because only in tandem we can enhance our corporate and management culture. As part of this, we have defined 5 core values that embody our collaboration:

  • Sustainability
  • Progress
  • Integrity
  • Customer focus
  • Team spirit.

These values reflect our self-image and guide us in our day-to-day work. They were developed collaboratively and internationally. At joint events, we promote open exchange and dialog on an equal footing, and reflect on content and processes of our corporate culture. These events are held at all locations between employees and managers.

We are creating global standards for training of our employees

The PWO Group believes that education and training are the foundation of a prosperous society worth living in, and can open doors. Right across the company, we are committed to a global standard in terms of our employees’ training. We are continuously intensifying dialog between our locations. By doing this, we can learn from and engage with each other on training, methods, and content. As a result, we also ensure a consistently high level of product quality and sustainable use of resources.

With external specialist knowledge and professional partners, PWO is setting up training courses and installing training programs. We intend to align the skills of our employees at all locations and allow exchange of capacity. For instance, we recently developed a new training course of a very high standard in Mexico in conjunction with the employers’ association, the chamber of industry and commerce, and other Mexican business institutions and training partners.

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