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Company Profile

We are a global company in the mobility industry, that takes the lead in shaping the environ-mentally friendly mobility of the future through innovations and is entirely independent of com-bustion engines.

With our expertise in climate-friendly lightweight construction, we are technology leaders, and combine economic efficiency with sustainability. We develop and produce sophisticated metal components and complex subsystems at the frontiers of what is technologically possible.

As a serious employer with informal structures at a global level, we are home to 3,000 employ-ees at 8 locations on 3 continents.

Our actions are driven by inner motivation and conviction, which is why sustainability is one of the core values of our Group.

We meet the challenges of our time with innovative and sustainable concepts. But most of all, we aim to take the related opportunities.

Our corporate strategy is summed up in the framework PEOPLE. PLANET. PROGRESS.

The Group's structure

The Group's structure

All of our business activities are geared toward maximum efficiency, which is why the Group maintains a simple and transparent structure.

Our locations are situated in the major markets around the world that offer steady demand for sophisticated metal components and complex subsystems in high volumes. These are Germany, Czechia, Canada, Mexico and China. We also possess a global network of cooperation partners who we can rely on when customers require delivery in other countries.

Product Areas

Product Areas

The Electronic, Chassis and Airbag Components business unit comprises a wide range of components for the electrification of vehicles, including components for fast chargers and electronic control units. In addition, it includes electric engine housing for safety and comfort, for example for windshield wipers and window regulators as well as ABS and ESP systems. The PWO components for airbags and for vehicle cooling also contribute to the safety and comfort of passengers. Another fast-growing product line is powertrain components for electric vehicles, particularly in the areas of battery technology and fuel cells. In addition, the PWO Group develops and manufactures various components for the chassis and suspension, particularly accumulators.

The Steering and Seat Components business unit mainly handles the development and production of steering consoles and steering column pipes and of metal structures for vehicle seats.

Within the Body Components business unit, instrument panel carriers are a major product line. In addition, many different door components as well as reinforcements and supports for the vehicle body are developed and manufactured.



The Group’s legal entities form the basis of our segment reporting, which is organized according to sales markets. We have spent around 20 years building the global presence we enjoy today. Our homesite is in Germany. The future growth drivers will be our international locations.

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