People. Planet. Progress.

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our corporate strategy. We may not have solutions for every issue yet, but PWO does not stand still. We are constantly pushing and reinventing ourselves. We have clear targets, and we will execute on them with discipline and with focus. And it is all about execution because words without actions won’t help us. The entire global business community needs to step up against climate change as everyone knows that we have to act now. We need to move much faster from commitment to action in delivering on decarbonization. It is the right and only way to a sustainable future.

Carlo Lazzarini, CEO, PWO

We are shaping sustainability in three dimensions with our framework

Sustainability has long been a key guiding principle for PWO. But we can’t just leave it at that. The mobility industry has relied on fossil fuels for far too long. To make progress in meeting our climate targets and ensure that our quality of life remains high in the future, CO₂ emissions must be reduced at a faster pace - and we are applying our innovative strength to achieve this. We aim to be leading trendsetters in our industry: PWO aims to be a role model for how companies with our size and focus can put sustainable standards into practice successfully. To do this, we need our employees and our entire network across the supply chain. After all, only by working together can we make mobility fit for the future and establish sustainability as the guiding principle of our industry. We have anchored this holistic approach in our framework

 People. Planet. Progress.:


  • Developing our value-based corporate culture and leadership approach
  • Close international exchange between locations and targeted talent development
  • Anchoring ESG matters such as CO₂ reduction in all operational processes
  • New Work factors such as hybrid working and others
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  • CO₂ emission reduction in all areas to achieve our SBTi targets 
  • Emission-free and emission-reduced heating of office and production areas
  • E-mobility charging stations for our own fleet of vehicles 
  • Effective energy-saving measures 
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  • Completely combustion-independent business model
  • Unique competence in lightweight steel engineering at the limit of what is technologically possible 
  • Continuous change as part of PWO’s DNA
  • Innovation in service of our overriding goal of sustainability
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We as a company have continuously adapted and changed through innovation. PWO has huge potential, and we use it for the future of our planet. We want to actively shape the transformation of mobility and lead from the front. It is our aspiration.

Carlo Lazzarini, CEO, PWO

Sure, the company is global, but it has managed to keep its family feel and offers our employees a trusting working environment. And this makes employees happier. It makes them more comfortable.”

Lana Takarenka, CFO, PWO Canada
Jochen Lischer, CFO

We believe in science-based solutions. And that’s why we are committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We will reduce our emissions in our own production by almost half by 2030. This what we expect from ourselves. But we will also take responsibility for our supply chain, where we want to reduce emissions by almost a third by 2030.

Jochen Lischer, CFO, PWO


Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of companies’ future viability. We focus on comprehensive sustainability in all 3 dimensions – environmental and social aspects as well as responsible corporate governance – and pursue ambitious goals here.

By transforming our own organization, we also help our customers reduce their environmental footprint. This enables us to meet the challenges of our time, an in particular to seize the associated opportunities.

We have set ambitious goals. We are aiming to reduce our absolute emissions, calculated in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, compared to 2019 levels. At the same time, we have embarked on a clear growth trajectory. This creates an ambitious framework for achieving our goals.

Processes that currently still require fossil fuels will be electrified as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we are switching our energy supply to renewable sources wherever possible. To do so, we will both use offers from utilities and also look into establishing our own photovoltaic systems. Continuously stepping up our efforts to increase energy efficiency is also a top priority.



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