Our Core values

Our core values sum up the basic principles that we stand for and are important to us.
They are part of our company’s DNA, set us apart from others, and form the basis for our day-to-day work and our conduct.

PWO's core values provide guidance - customers, suppliers, employees, neighbors, and all other stakeholders can be confident that they define our actions.




We build our long-term relationships with all our stakeholders on integrity. In the countries where we operate, we naturally act in compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. We pay the utmost attention to local informal rules and customs. If there are no set guidelines, we act fairly, honestly, and credibly.

Our code of conduct sets out the modes of behavior with which we aim to achieve legally compliant and ethically impeccable operations. As well as being binding for our employees, it also provides guidance. With our compliance management system, we monitor adherence to legislation, regulations, and guidelines.

Our employees have every right to expect fair and reliable treatment. Long-term personal relationships can be established only if we treat each other with respect. We aim to be a consistently attractive employer where all employees are happy to realize their career prospects and new talents are eager to come.

So far, legal frameworks are only gradually taking the interests of future generations into account. Meanwhile, climate change continues apace. Other environmental aspects such as protection of natural resources, for instance water, also demand faster action. That is why sustainability and a voluntary commitment to ambitious targets are integral parts of our value system.

We are setting standards, therefore, the customer does not come to us, but we go to whereever he needs us. To permanently ensure customer satisfaction, we constantly adapt to our customers' demands and do not only convince by our quality, reliability, flexibility, quickness and our competitive prices. We are rather also geared by the expectations of the customers to accompany them to new markets with our know how.



Throughout our long corporate history, our success and our decisions have been based on long-term, responsible thinking and activity. These values constitute our inner motivation, which we are carrying into the future.

We want to set a good example and use our business as a force for good. Our aim is to set benchmarks for companies with the same size and structure as PWO in terms of living out sustainability. By transforming ourselves, we are also helping our customers to reduce their environmental footprint. In doing so, we are meeting the challenges of our time, but most of all, we are taking the related opportunities.

Sustainability is lived out holistically here – with regard to environmental and social aspects as well as sound corporate management. We report on our progress transparently in line with renowned international standards: the United Nations Global Compact and the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). With our goals for absolute reduction of our CO2 emissions, we are implementing the Paris Climate Agreement.

In addition, we have set clear targets on employee matters, respect of human rights, and fighting corruption and fraud. We prevent workplace accidents, take responsibility for our supply chain, and identify, minimize, and monitor compliance risks. These are among our top priorities.
We are setting standards, therefore, we have to be the best in many fields today and become even better in all fields tomorrow to be successful. We are distinguished by our spirit of Innovation and our inventiveness. In sheet metal forming and connection we are leading as concerns the application of established and new technologies in the development of which we have a considerable share. Here, we are the benchmark for others in many fields.

Team Spirit


We are setting standards, therefore, our  employees show a high level of commitment and enthusiasm. In a strong team they perform extraordinarily and take pleasure in doing so. We strive to constructively solve possible problems by dealing with conflicts competently and openly. As we work with enthusiasm and joy, we are even more successful.We look for the challenges and overcome them together. All our efforts are primarily geared towards the success of PWO. To this end, we work together in a tolerant, respectful, and considerate way. In this working environment, our employees can apply their knowledge, experience, and creativity in order to stride out in new directions. We support them in this, and equip them to fulfill their potential.

Diversity is a special source of inspiration for us. We firmly believe that diverse teams work more successfully. That is why we pursue diversity in our teams at all levels of the Group – in terms of character, age, gender, educational or career background, and internationality.

In mixed teams, different perspectives give rise to new approaches. Often, people collaborate more attentively, as different worlds of experience intersect. In particular, everyone benefits from the sharing of knowledge between the generations. Wherever possible, we work in cross-locational, international teams on the basis of our unique, values-based corporate and management culture.

Lifelong learning, mobile working, and a balance between work and family are just some of the key benefits that the PWO Group offers its employees. By treating each other in a helpful, receptive, and approachable way, we make all of this possible on a daily basis. We encourage teamwork and open communication in a culture of trust. All our thinking and activity is shaped by reliability. We celebrate successes and learn from mistakes.



We are setting standards, therefore, we do not wait for opportunities to come along. Instead, we use our own strength to continuously create new opportunities in all business fields, which we utilize with success. By the continuous increase of the business value related thereto, we start working today to change the future and shape it according to our ideas.Continuous change and innovations have been shaping our business since we were founded over 100 years ago. With our unique innovative strength at the cutting edge of technology, we are not only instrumental in shaping the future of mobility. We are also eager to play our part in sustainable and emission-free development on new markets.

Because we are always open to change in the present, we are quick to see the future. Focused on success, we boldly develop new solutions with a claim to global leadership for our customers. In doing so, we keep the expectations of all our stakeholder groups in mind. Their dynamic changes and the resultant interrelationships speed up our progress.

Our business is centered on our unparalleled expertise in steel forming and modern joining technologies. We are committed to making steel lightweight. With our totally combustion engine-independent business model, we are fully geared towards the future, and a sought-after partner in the mobility industry. We provide innovative equipment for vehicles with all drive concepts. At the same time, our experience and expertise open up access to new markets that we are rigorously tapping into.

We regularly cross geographical boundaries, too. Global delivery capability has long come naturally to us – we are wherever our customers need us. Our international locations in Europe, North America, and Asia combined are now larger than our long-established location in Oberkirch, Germany.

Customer Focus


We are setting standards and our employees are the key to our success. By a manager culture influenced by appreciation, we create an environment in which our employees feel well. Every individual employee has to feel that he/she is important to us just the way he/she is, with all his/her needs and inclinations.In our business, we plan long-term: Our orders can run for 10 years or more, and some of our trust-based customer relationships stretch back for decades.

We achieve this trust because we regularly exceed expectations. In everything we do, we take at least 1 crucial extra step, and often more. At PWO, zero-defect quality is not just a specific requirement in the production process. It is a philosophy that is lived out holistically throughout the Group.

We make it our business to have an in-depth understanding of the individual requirements of every customer in order to find the best possible solution – at the beginning of every order and in all subsequent developments right through to the end.

Our work is service-oriented, dedicated, and reliable. As a result, we lay the foundations for close and trust-based collaboration with our customers. That is why we are often involved in the early stage of development of components, helping to set the right course so that the entire system of a vehicle can be designed in the best possible way.

We regularly receive accolades from our customers and qualify as their premium supplier. As well as motivating our team, this forms the basis for expanding our business even more quickly in the future.

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